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OUTSIDETHEBOX.ORG MISSION STATEMENT is dedicated to experiences outside the box. We have become too glib and too distracted to savor the relationships and circumstances of our associates, our neighbors, our patients and our clients. Too busy to properly engineer the solutions to face our problems and too uncaring to realize the difference. The box has become a circumscription which limits our innovation and the ability to work together and create as well as share innovations.

Out Side The Box Articles & Information
You and Second Hand Smoke
Possible issues you could face with second hand smoke.
Pain Control and Aging
What you need to know about pain medication.
Age Spots
What causes age spots and why.
Examining Yourself
What to look for when doing a self examination.
Exercise The Fountain of Youth
Exercise and its huge rewards and benefits.

All information contained within these articles and information feeds is of a general nature.